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Red Desert Rose


red desert rose

Red Desert Rose is a mother owned and operated business in Portland, Oregon, bringing that Southwest flavor to the Pacific Northwest.  Portland based and New Mexico born, I am so inspired by all things nature from the desert of the Southwest to the waterfalls of the Northwest.

Being creative and spending time in Nature is the road to my balance. Embracing old traditions and connecting to our roots brings meaning to my life in a way that little else does. Each and every piece and product is designed and made with Amor! I love the process of contributing to someone else's style and knowing that what I create plays a small part in how someone else expresses themselves on any particular day is a really humbling and gratifying feeling.  

I appreciate your time spent here and wish you all lots of love, laughter and adventures!



Joella Alderete Livesey

MSW Social Work

BA Graphic Design




For wholesale inquiries: reddesertrosepdx@gmail.com